Trust us on the sunscreen!

Whilst sunlight is essential in keeping our bodies in good health, too much sun can damage our skin, promote premature aging and wrinkles, and even cause cancer.

You may have heard that we need a daily exposure to sun to generate essential Vitamin D. However, only a short time in the sun is needed to get enough vitamin D- in fact, for many fair-skinned people, less than 15 minutes of sun exposure is required!

But 15 minutes is a very short time.  Most people easily spend more time than that outdoors.

Think of how long you last spent at the beach. More than a quarter of an hour?

How about at the pool?

How about taking the kids to sport?

Fortunately, sunscreen helps to reduce the amount of dangerous sun radiation that damages our skin, and reduces the risks of cancer and skin aging.

The thick, white, greasy pastes of the past put off many people from wearing sunscreen, but sunscreens have advanced in great leaps since the zinc creams of yore.

Newer sunscreen are available that are invisible, don’t leave a greasy feeling, and even last longer than before. Some makeup products are now combined with sunscreens, making it easier to look good and be protected at the same time!