We’ve launched SunVisor!

The SunVisor journey started in late 2013 at a Sydney Startup Weekend held at Fishburners. We wondered, with all the hype about smart wearables and fitness trackers like FitBit and JawBone, why was no one focusing on changing behaviour to prevent Australia’s most common, but also most preventable cancer? I had seen my girlfriend go through a cancer scare and began to see a trend of people I loved being diagnosed with the disease, while my co-founder Dr Suzie Miller regularly saw patients and family members affected by skin cancer. It was time to prevent the problem instead of watching Australians suffer, and even die, from the disease.

SunVisor is now available for free download on iOS and Android for anyone within Australia. No additional hardware purchase is required.

The smart algorithms behind SunVisor, personalised to a user’s skin type, location, and activity, make it easier to stay sun safe. The app works out when a user is exposed to the sun and sends real-time reminders when it’s time to seek shade, head indoors, or (re-)apply sunscreen. Utilising smartphone sensors and signals, the Android app is even smart enough to know when a user is indoors or outdoors and track personal sun exposure throughout the day in the background, without any manual input or draining battery. SunVisor takes the work out of staying sun safe.

As Australians we know that skin cancer exists and have seen the ‘There’s nothing healthy about tan’ campaigns, but do we know that it’s not just summer on the beach that is doing us harm? Contrary to popular belief, the sun can still do you damage even in the winter months. We’re hoping the app can help educate users on when it’s safe to be outdoors.