Even movie stars get skin cancer – the Hugh Jackman story

If you followed the lead up to the launch of the movie X-Men: Days of Future Past you might be wondering why the actor behind the invincible Wolverine has been wearing a bandage on his nose?

Widely loved Australian actor Hugh Jackman has had a basal-cell carcinoma removed from his nose in May this year. This was in fact his second bout of cancer after a similar growth was removed also from his nose in November 2013. Luckily for Jackman and X-Men fans, a basal cell carcinoma is only life threatening in exceedingly rare cases as it rarely spreads beyond the original tumor site. It is also a slow growing form of skin cancer, but can have complications if it is allowed to grow large enough.

As Hugh Jackman has said “The beauty of all this is that it’s all preventable. It’s just about getting proper check-ups” and the actor is now pleading with people to wear sunscreen. Whilst the actor has recovered from the procedure, he is realistic about the future and aware that he’ll “have at least one more but probably many more”. He says that growing in Australia he doesn’t remember ever being told to put sunscreen on and believes this is largely the reason for his recent problems.

Given his level of influence, Hugh Jackman hopes that he will have more luck in convincing people to wear sunscreen than someone’s parent, wife, or husband. Hugh Jackman is a great example of how we all, no matter our status, are vulnerable to the effects of too much time in sun without proper protection.


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